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Welcome to TTCM2017



This workshop "Trends in Theory of Correlated Materials (TTCM2017)" is a continuation of very successful bilateral workshops between Japan and Swiss that has been held on a yearly basis from 2009. It aims at bringing together both communities of condensed matter people (mainly theorists) working on correlated materials and related. The workshop also aims at nurturing scientic exchanges, collaborations, and friendships among young physicists between the two countries

The topics of the workshop include the following (can be extended).
Quantum spin systems, multiferroics, and spintronics
Topological phases of matter
Bulk-edge(boundary) correspondence
Dirac and Weyl fermions
Cold atoms
Quantum entanglement and its applications
Many-body localization and out-of-equilibrium correlated matter
Computational correlated physics and its methods
Swiss-based co-organizers
Prof. Thierry Giamarchi* (Geneva University)
Prof. Frederic Mila (EPFL)
Prof. Christopher Mudry (Paul Scherrer Institute)
Prof. Manfred Sigrist (ETHZ)

Japan-based co-organizers
Prof. Yasuhiro Hatsugai* (University of Tsukuba)
Prof. Norio Kawakami (Kyoto University)
Prof. Masao Ogata (University of Tokyo)
Prof. Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (University of Tokyo, ISSP)
*: Co-chair

Scientific advisers
Prof. Akira Furusaki (RIKEN)
Prof. Nobuo Furukawa (Aoyama Gakuin University)

Local contact
Yasuhiro Hatsugai

Conference place
Tsukuba International Congress Center (EPOCHAL TSUKUBA) Rm. 201 & Rm. 202.

See here.
Also map (schematic).
Also map (real).

Back to Narita airport on Sep.13
After the excursion, the shuttle will go to the Narita airport stopping by the hotel. See schedule of the shuttle.

18:00- : Welcome party

8:40- 9:00 : Registration
9:00-10:35 : Session 1
10:35-11:05 :Poster (odd) & coffee
11:05-12:35 :Session 2
12:35-12:40 :PHOTO
12:40-13:40 :Lunch (Rm.201)
13:40-15:40 :Session 3
15:40-16:10 :Poster (even) & coffee
16:10-17:40 :Session 4
18:30- Organizer/adviser meeting

9:00-10:30 : Session 5
10:30-11:00 :Poster (even) & coffee
11:00-12:30 :Session 6
12:30-13:30 :Lunch (Rm.201)
13:30-15:00 :Session 7
15:00-15:30 :Poster (odd) & coffee
15:30-17:30 :Session 8
18:00- : Banquet (Espoir)

8:30-10:30 : Session 9
10:30-10:50 : Coffee
10:50-12:25 :Session 10
12:30- :Excursion (Lunch box)

Most of the invited participants stay at OKURA FRONTIER HOTEL TSUKUBA. This hotel has 2 separate buildings, "MAIN" and "EPOCHAL". Go directly to the conference place (EPOCHAL) the hotel (EPOCHAL) is just next to it.
Mark H. Fischer (ETH)
Aline Ramires (ETH)
Ramasubramanian Chitra (ETH)
Frank Schindler (UZH)
Matteo Biondi (ETH)
Thierry Giamarchi (U. Geneva)
Shintaro Takayoshi (U. Geneva)
Noam Kestin (U. Geneva)
Mila Frederic (EPFL)
Miklos Lajko (EPFL)
Oleg Yazyev (EPFL)
Christopher Mudry  (PSI)
Jyong-Hao Chen (PSI)
Kazuo Ueda (JPSJ & U. Tokyo)
Yasuhiro Hatsugai (U. Tsukuba)
Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (U. Tokyo)
Norio Kawakami (Kyoto U.)
Masao Ogata (U. Tokyo)
Akira Furusaki (RIKEN)
Masaki Oshikawa (U. Tokyo)
Satoshi Fujimoto (Osaka U.)
Nobuo Furukawa (Aoyama U.)
Yoichi Yanase (Kyoto U.)
Shin Miyahara (Fukuoka U.)
Isao Maruyama (Fukuoka I. T.)
Tatsuhiro Ikeda (U. Tokyo)
Shunsuke Furukawa (U. Tokyo)
Taketo Yokoyama (Tokyo I. T. )
Jyunya Otsuki (Tohoku U.)
Hiroshi Shinaoka (Saitama U.)
Masahiro Sato (Ibaraki U.)
Daisuke Yamamoto (Aoyama U.)
Shingo Kobayashi (Nagoya U.)
Toshikaze Kariyado (NIMS)
Shunsuke Furuya (RIKEN)
Yohei Fuji (RIKEN)
Ken Shiozaki (RIKEN)
Tsuneya Yoshida (Kyoto U.)
Rina Takashima (Kyoto U.)
Hiroyasu Matsuura (U. Tokyo)
Akihiro Tanaka (NIMS)
Yuya Nakagawa (U. Tokyo)
Shoma Iimura (Saitama U.)
Koji Kudo (U. Tsukuba)
Yuta Takahashi (U. Tsukuba)
Hiromu Araki (U. Tsukuba)
Shuhei Oono (U. Tsukuba)
Kazuki Yokomizo (Tokyo I. T.)
Tatsushi Imaeda (Nagoya U.)
Cassio S. Amorim (Nagoya U.)
Yoshiki Fukusumi (U. Tokyo)
Yao Yuan (U. Tokyo)
Sergey Nikolaev (NIMS)
Social events

Sep.10. 18:00-
Welcome party (Restaurant ESPOIR)
Sep.12. 18:00-
Banquet (Restaurant ESPOIR)
Sep.13: 12:30-
Excursion to Mt. Tsukuba. In case of bad weather, we will change the plan and visit "Big Buddha" at Ushiku.

Epochal(13:00) ―> Mt. Tsukuba(13:45 ~ 17:00) ―> Epochal(17:45),
For Narita airport : Epocal (18:00) ―> Narita airport terminal 2 (19:00)

Schedule (Rain)
Epochal(13:00) ―> Ushiku Great Buddha (13:30 ~ 15:30) ―> Chateau Kamiya (16:00~17:00) ―> Epochal (17:45)
For Narita airport : Epocal (18:00) ―> Narita airport terminal 2 (19:00)

Program & abstracts in pdf format (as of Sep.12, 2017)

All scientific talks are given in Rm.202. Posters will be posted in front of Rm.201 and 202.


Japan Society for the promotion of science (JSPS)
Bilateral Joint Research Seminar FY2017
INOUE Foundation for Science
Support for international meeting (in Japanese)